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Timeless Landscape Design

Why Design?

Our years of experience in landscape construction have proved over and over that a sound landscape design manages costs, increases customer satisfaction, and helps shorten project duration.

Managed Costs

With the level of precision that a CAD landscape design provides, we can very accurately project costs. With reduced overages, and the ability to place exact materials orders in advance, we can ensure your project comes in on budget and on time.

Furthermore, a thorough plan often catches many otherwise "unknown" or "unforeseen" complications, and addresses them before construction begins. This can prevent additional costs for problems that may have been avoided or planned for.

Increased Satisfaction

The planning process is intended to achieve the most appealing, functional, and timeless design for your yard. Working closely with the customer we design not only for aesthetic, but for your unique needs.

We have found time and again that our customers are most satisfied when they get what they expect.

Streamlining Construction

Construction based on an accurate plan can be more effectively scheduled. With each component already accounted for, there are few surprises and less change to the schedule. This results in quicker turn around, less waste, and generally more happy customers!

How to Get Started?

An initial on-site consultation is used to determine your personal style as well as your needs and expectations of the finished landscape. We take this information, as well as measurements and pictures of the site, and begin work on the initial concept drawings. The process continues as we work with the client to refine the plan to it's finished state. Because of this process, no two plans are the same; you can rest assured that you will have a landscape plan that is unique, and specially suited to your property.

What Can I Expect?

You will be provided with a Master Landscape Plan, printed in large format and accompanied by the full planting detail. We also include a scalable PDF version and a detailed quote from our company for completion of the plan. When you purchase a landscape plan from Timeless Landscaping Ltd., you own it entirely. Your unique landscape plan will never be copied or re-used.


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