Privacy Policy


1818105 AB Ltd. O/A Timeless Landscaping (Timeless) collects information on customers and potential customers through our website (, or through interactions in person, by email, or by telephone. At Timeless we respect your privacy and strive to follow the Canadian Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act.

We are committed to protecting your privacy in a way that a reasonable person would consider appropriate. The following sections outline how we collect, store, access, and dispose of your personal information:


Timeless will only collect information from this website by your explicit consent. Information given freely by email, in person, or by telephone is understood to be given by full consent.

Purpose of Collected Information

Timeless collects information on customers and potential customers with the purpose of providing estimates, consultations, and services. Secondarily, we may analyze aggregate information to better understand our customers and potential customers, and to enhance our advertising and marketing effectiveness.

Information Collected

Timeless may collect the following information:

Information Storage

Collected from our website

Information collected through our website contact form is encrypted over HTTPS. It is stored in a password protected, private, database on our website server, and forwarded to our email for follow up communication. Our email service is provided by Google's GSuite and affords the highest modern email security to safeguard your information.

Timeless may use 3rd party services to enhance our website experience. Any information that may be collected by our service providers are governed by their internal Privacy Polices. The following list links to the 3rd party services that we may use; privacy policies for these may be found on their respective websites.

Collected by email

Any information collected by email may be stored in computers, laptops, tablets, mobile, or other devices. All devices are password protected. Our email service is provided by Google's GSuite and affords the highest modern email security to safeguard your information. Digital images/videos, PDFs, or other digital documents received by email may be transferred to a Dropbox account used by Timeless. This account is password protected with 2-step authentication for the highest level of available security.

Collected in person or by telephone conversation

Customer or potential customer names, property details, project details, and general notes may be transcribed, scanned, dictated, or otherwise digitized and by authorized agents of Timeless and stored by the same means as information collected by email or through our website.

Access to Information

Access to collected information is limited to direct employees of Timeless on a need-to-know basis. It is never shared with 3rd parties, except where applicable, to sub-contractors where information such as address, name, property details, etc. may be shared on a limited, and need-to-know basis, for direct facilitation of project estimation and/or completion.

To request a copy your information with Timeless please contact us.

Disposal of Information

Timeless may retain any information collected on current or past clients indefinitely for warranty, compliance, and archival purposes. Information collected from potential clients, such as information collected to provide estimates, may be retained for a reasonable period of time, after which it may be anonymized and archived, or deleted.

Deletion of Information

Upon written request by the information owner Timeless will delete any personal information, and anonymize or remove association of personal information with any non-personal information collected such as project details, drawings, designs, notes, postal codes, etc.

Any information removed from a digital service subscribed to by Timeless (IE: G Suite, Dropbox, etc.) may be subject to the privacy policy and information retention policies of that service.

Any information requested to be deleted but required by law to be retained, either by the Government of Canada, Government of Alberta, or other legally binding authority may be refused deletion, retained, and notice given of said retention requirements.


For any inquiries pertaining to our Privacy Policy please contact us.